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Frequently Asked Questions

Search for answers to commonly asked questions below. If you can't find answers to your questions, then scroll down to the "Still Have Questions" section and contact Maunda with your questions. 

  • What are the apps features
    Our current features are group and solo meditations, the vanishing journal, affirmations, and our streaks system. We plan to update the app soon with additionally features as well. Stay Tuned!
  • Why does my daily journal disappear?
    The purpose of a the daily journal is to reflect on your past while also practicing gratitude. It is meant to give you closure to and be a complete release. After submitting your journal, it will disappear to symbolize that you are letting go of the past and living in the present.
  • Why do I automatically have a premium subscription?
    Once you download Maunda, you will have a automatic 30 day free trial for all premium features. Only when the 30 day free trial ends, will you be asked to pay for the premium subscription, or downgrade to the basic subscription. You do not have to enter any payment information until the free trial is over.
  • How do I meditate?
    We have a tutorial on the website to see the basics here: Anyone can meditate and it is a skill that can be developed. With most people their first few sessions will feel odd, like you will be jittery and your mind will wander a lot. That is ok, as you do it more you will be able to be more focused and have an easier time.
  • How do I log into an existing account?
    After downloading the Maunda app, you will be presented with a "join us" page. When arriving at that page, there will be a "sign in" option at the bottom right of the page. Simply select the "sign in" text. After selecting the text, a sign-up page will appear. Then enter your email, and password to sign it.
  • How do I create a profile picture?
    When first creating an account, there will be an option to add a profile picture. Just choose a picture from your gallery, or take a picture to create your profile picture. If you already have an account, then first open to the maunda home page. After opening to the "home" page, select the "Profile" page. After selecting the profile page, you will be presented with the option to "edit profile". After selecting the "edit profile" option, tap on your current profile picture to change it to a custom profile picture.
  • How do I change my subscription?
    After opening the Maunda app, select the "Profile" page. After selecting the "Profile" page, select the "Manage Subscription" option. After selecting "Manage Subscription" , you will enter the subscription page where you can choose your preferred subscription and update your settings.
  • How do I post stories?
    After completing a meditation, you can post one singular story within a 24 hour period. After that 24 hour period is over, your story will vanish ,and you will be able to post another story after completing another meditation.
  • How do I create, delete, or change my own affirmations?
    In order to create your own affirmations, you must have a premium subscription. After opening the Maunda app, select the "Affirmation" page. Here, you can add new affirmations by clicking on the "plus" icon. After selecting the plus icon, you can enter your new affirmation, and select the "add" button to finalize your new affirmation. If you want to remove/change an affirmation, then while holding the affirmation you want to delete/change, swipe to the left. After swiping to the left, you will be presented with "delete" and "edit" icons. Choose the corresponding icon, to complete each task. Reference the image below:
  • How do I see my friends?
    To see your friends, you first must allow Maunda to access your "contact information". Then maunda will automatically add your contacts whom have the maunda app into your maunda friends list.
  • How do I create a meditation group?
    First open the Maunda app. Then select the "Meditation" page. After entering the meditation page, select "Group Meditation" at the top right of the screen. After selecting "Group Meditation", look for the "+" button next to "Meditation Groups". Select the "+" button and you can create your own meditation group by selecting the people you want in your group and selecting the "Next" button. After selecting the "Next" button you will be directed to enter group details. Following the "group details" section you will be directed to select a group icon by choosing a picture from your camera roll. After completing each of the steps and hitting "Next" , your group will be created.
  • How do I add/remove members from a group?
    The owner of a meditation group can add/remove members from the group by first selecting the meditation group. After entering the group, the owner can access the settings of the group by clicking on the vertical three dots, located on the top right of the screen. after entering the setting section, the owner will be presented with the setting screen, in the image below. How to add a member to a group. To add a member to the meditation group, select the "add members " button located near the center of the screen. From there, the owner can add new members to the group, if they have their contact information. How to remove members from a group. To remove members from a group, find the individual who you would like to remove. After finding the individual, hold on their name while swiping to the left of the screen. This will unveil the "remove " option. After hitting the "remove " button, you'll be asked if you want to remove the individual from the group. If you do, then select the button, and the individual will be removed from the group.
  • How do I invite my friends to use Maunda?
    When opening the Maunda app, you will be presented with a "My Friends "list. To the right of that list, there will be a "View All "option. after selecting the option, you'll be taken to a "My Friends" page. After the "My Friends" page is opened, you can see all of your friends by scrolling down. after scrolling past all of your current friends, you will see an "Invite To Maunda" section. After reaching the section, you will see all of your contacts whom don't have currently have the Maunda app. Next to each person, there is a "Invite" option. By selecting the "invite " option, you can invite the selected person to join Maunda, and increased their mental health with you. Reference the picture below:

Still Have Questions?

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