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At Maunda our core values are Self-knowledge, Self-awareness, Confidence

Self-knowledge: awareness of one's thoughts, experiences, and cognitive processes. It includes self-reflection and indicates the extent of an individual's self-awareness (Wilson). With a high degree of self-knowledge, a person can determine what they like or dislike, and what is easy or difficult for them. Making it easier to make well-reasoned choices and pursuing proper people and goals. Understanding the self leads to authenticity which ultimately creates a fulfilling life.

Self-awareness: refers to the conscious understanding of one's thoughts, feelings, and personal attributes. An individual is responsible for their behavior and the impact that it has on others. Those with a high level of self-awareness rarely lose control of their emotions because they think clearly and regulate them properly (Eurich). As a result,  emotional regulation has a constructive effect on relationships and the process of making choices. Self-awareness also informs an individual of biases and prejudices. This understanding can help facilitate open-mindedness and empathy.​

Confidence: a robust positive notion towards one's abilities, which brings a strong attitude towards one's self, which in most cases creates healthy self-worthiness. This element is particularly essential in personal growth and development in the mental health space. With confidence, individuals can take risks, explore their capabilities to the maximum, and go after their aspirations without fear and anxiety (Markway). The perception one has of themselves is vital in how one is viewed by others. Confidence can affect how others see a person's competence and ability to influence those around them.

At Maunda we believe that cultivating these three traits will ultimately allow you to live a happier and more fulling life. This is why we created Maunda to help develop YOU

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