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A multifaceted instrument incorporating introspection, mindfulness, assurance, empathy, successful discourse, collective support, contemplation, positive reinforcement, and written reflections like Maunda would greatly serve diverse societal entities, such as college students, elite athletes, therapists, corporations, and parents who prioritize psychological well-being.

Maunda helps students because it creates skills, great habits, and routines that will apply to both personal and professional growth all while being interconnected. They will get to know more about themselves, improve their confidence and communication skills, and understand others, forging good relations and success in academics.

Maunda can also aid professional athletes in monitoring and tracking their state of mind and emotional wellness. They can use affirmation, meditation, and journaling to handle and rationalize their emotions, thus boosting their performance. They would also be able to create healthy connections with their teammates and their activity monitored by coaches.

Holistic therapists can use this tool to aid clients in nurturing and developing good mental health states. Outside the office, users will be able to continue the work that they do with their therapist.

Maunda can also be helpful for businesses since it is likely to develop a sense of good work culture and employee well-being. Organizations can establish a supportive and fruitful workplace atmosphere by incorporating efficient communication methods and cultivating a cohesive bond among its members virtually. Developing self-awareness and self-confidence can contribute to this massive case of personal growth and success in one's profession. Bosses and CEOs will also be able to track if their employees are taking care of themselves.

Finally, parents can use Maunda for themselves and to support their children in this new day and age of social media. It will encourage introspection, create healthy habits, and cultivate a positive community. This can help shape excellent and supportive dynamics within a family which will better our society in the long run.

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