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Social media is so heavily integrated in our society now most people cannot live without it. Over the last decade, it has become clear that there are both positives and negatives of social media. Despite the negative that come with social media, the potential benefits of cannot be overlooked.

One of the primary benefits of social media is that it's a great source of connection for individuals. Through social media, people can maintain meaningful relationships with each other (Kapil).  Social media also excels well at cultivating  long distance relationships and relationships to where you do not see the person often. Those with families and friends living in opposite parts of the world use this platform to reach connect with each-other in real time. Another huge benefit to social media is it provides an avenue for meeting and interacting with others who have related experiences and interests. Social media is also an information medium. Individuals in the contemporary world easily acquire and disseminate information concerning events going on such as trends, news, and updates, and other pivotal issues. 

Professional networking, professional communications, and career growth are mainly dependent on social media (University of Southern California).  Through such platforms, job searches have become seamless, and networking has become less challenging but more effective.

Lastly, social media has significant mental health benefits. Research has demonstrated that social media can offer companionship. Social media provides a platform where people openly discuss ideas, solutions, share experiences about their lives, and even receive social support (Keum et al.). Through these platforms, issues can be mitigated because of enhanced mental illness awareness. However, it is essential to note that social media has to be used in moderation. To avoid the negative impacts of social media, such as unhealthy comparisons and addiction, it's crucial to engage with it intentionally.

That is the reason we are developing an app on the platform for social media on mental health. We are looking to offer a digital space that, through intentionality, facilitates both the support of mental wellness and the offering of tools for effectively navigating the virtual world healthily. Our application is designed so that it assists people in creating a friendly environment for the activities of social media, benefiting the mental health of every party taking part.

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