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Meditation is a technique that combines the mind and body to cultivate focus and mindfulness to attain a state of mental clarity and peacefulness (RICARD et al.). Most of these practices require one to have a high degree of concentration on something, be it a thought, a thing, or an action. These practices involve elements such as attentive breathing, relaxation, and postures of the body. Many studies have proven that regular meditation practices are critical in lowering and managing stress levels. Meditation enhances the mental well-being, emotional balance, and concentration levels of a person. It also has an equally positive physical effect on an individual. It decreases blood pressure, relieves chronic pain, and positively stimulates the immune system.

Affirmations are statements of positivity that one repeats to oneself to bring about the desired change in behavior or beliefs. Most people use affirmations as critical tools for encouraging and increasing self-confidence, self-esteem, and positivity. Research shows that affirmations have tons of psychological benefits, ranging from reduced self-doubt and negative self-talk to increased self-perception and worth (Moore). Affirmations are really help full in high stress situations. They help conquer intrinsic fears and doubts and help make a positive leap toward individual goals.


Journaling usually involves a written recording of personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences daily. It can be freewriting, a stream of thought, or more specific forms such as gratitude journaling and bullet journaling. The positive effects of journaling include increasing mental health, lowering stress and anxiety, increased self-awareness, reflection enhancement, increased creativity, and more (University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences). Journaling is also instrumental in enhancing problem-solving skills, improved emotional regulation, and perpetual self-growth and development.

Pareto’s Principle: 20% of the work will bring 80 % of the results. We believe that practicing these 3 things regularly will not only put ahead of 80% people mentally but also achievement. 

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